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The I Files

Dig Deep 2014

2,530 views 2 months ago
Actor Peter Coyote introduces The I Files, YouTube's first investigative news channel. The I Files showcases the best investigative videos from across the web and around the world.

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Spring 2014 Featured Playlist Play

2013 Goldman Environmental Prize Play

  • Bogota, Colombia: The Disposables

    Unfazed by powerful political opponents and a pervasive culture of violence, Nohrah Padilla organized waste pickers -- a poor and marginalized group -- to make recycling a legitimate part of Bogota...
  • South Africa's Fractured Wilderness

    Jonathan Deal is leading a concerted campaign against a fracking project that threatens the Karoo, where sparse desert and majestic mountains converge to create an agriculture heartland and flouris...
  • Iraq's Marshland Dreams

    Iraq's Mesopatamia Marshes had been a vital life force for centuries until Saddam Hussein destroyed them in a calculated effort to drain the eco-system and undermine local resistance. Azzam Alwash ...
  • West Timor: Weaving A Movement

    When Indonesian marble mining companies began to exploit the pristine mountains surrounding her West Timor homeland, Mama Aleta Baun organized the villagers in a weaving protest that lasted months ...
  • Italy's Zero Waste Campaign

    Elementary school teacher Rossano Ercolini began a public education campaign about the dangers of incinerators in his small Tuscan town. His local activism grew into a national Zero Waste movement ...
  • Chicago: A Change In The Air

    A mother of three led her Chicago community in a successful campaign to shut down two of the country's oldest and dirtiest coal fired power plants. Kimberly Wasserman is now transforming those site...

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