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Uploaded by on Sep 8, 2010

2NE1's NEW ALBUM "To Anyone" "Clap Your Hands" HD MV Enjoy! Now Available on iTunes:

トゥエニー・ワン / クラップ ユア ハンズ

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  • this is totally Dara's song.

  • Who wishes to be korean because of this song?~


    Who is korean and is so proud of being korean ~

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  • @xossie from what ?

  • @Pachibado Ooh thank you! :) i'm definitely a blackjack then ;D

  • 2NE1 <33333

  • 2ne1 always in my heart...

    love you DARA....=33

  • I love this song not only because it's a fierce 2NE1 song, but in this song Dara has more singing lines :) usually she only has like 4 lines and she just dances (like a quarter of what each member sings)

  • its funi how n this bom doesnt rly have n e big parts tee hee they jus cant make her intimidatin for shiz its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love all the members in this mv... In evry MV of them.,.. i don't have a favourite.. Caus i can't choose! ;$.

    my fav. part is: 2:20 - 3:00

  • @ChanyouChunghi I don't understand... why is Dara's song?

  • i really do love Dara and Minzy in this video.!

    love it.!

  • My ears are bleeding

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