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Credit Line: ⓒ(재)환기재단•환기미술관

"DOOM DADA" available on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DOOMDADA

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App Store: http://goo.gl/l9TU6
Google Play: http://goo.gl/UiEn1

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A rapper and singer who leaves people awestruck with his deep voice, T.O.P of BIGBANG has a distinctively deep voice that sets him apart from all others. As one of the members of BIGBANG, T.O.P, with his remarkably powerful looks and mesmerizing voice, has proven his musical talents by composing and writing lyrics to his songs, "Big Boy", "Pretended" and "Turn It Up". T.O.P is also well known as an actor whose talent and commanding features have drawn the attention of film and television directors. T.O.P has appeared in television dramas "Iris" and "I Am Sam" and films "Nineteen', and "Iris : The Movie". His starring performance in "71: Into the Fire" won him the Best New Artist and Popular Star award at the 2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards and once again he is back in 2013 in 'Commitment' to further give light to his acting talents as an the main character. The high flyer actor and singer T.O.P returns in 2013 with his much anticipated digital single 'DOOM DADA', in 3 years since 'Turn It Up' in 2010. The surreal melody to the song is combined with T.O.P's unique rhythmical rapping to produce a song that screams T.O.P, garnering a high level of expectation from the public. 'DOOM DADA' is priceless in the sense that T.O.P himself has gone through every detail of the process from writing, composing and producing to music video production. People will once again be completely immersed in T.O.P, who returns as a rapper before the audience.


View more videos by TAEYANG at his Official YouTube Channel
@ http://www.youtube.com/ygtaeyang

TAEYANG, a member of BIGBANG and a solo artist, is best known for his soulful voice. He was the first member of BIGBANG to step out from the group as a solo artist when released his first album, "Hot" in 2008. The album received praise from the public and critics alike, with "Hot" winning the award for Best R&B/Soul Record, and the single, "Look At Only Me", winning the award for Best R&B/Soul Song at the 6th Korean Pop Music Awards. In 2009, TAEYANG began to show his talent for composing songs and writing lyrics on his digital single, "Wedding Dress". His first full-length album, "Solar", was released shortly thereafter and occupied the #1 and #2 spots respectively on the Canadian and US iTunes R&B/Soul album chart, a first for an Asian artist. "Solar" was loved and well received in the Korean market as well as overseas, leaving TAEYANG fans anxiously awaiting more. Three years later in November 2013, TAEYANG is back with a powerful song for his fans home and abroad who have been looking forward to his performance. Even before its release, TAEYANG's new digital single "RINGA LINGA" was drawing attention for his signature soulful voice and dance, as well as his hip-hop swag. The beauty of it is expressed on stage where TAEYANG shows his passion and sincerity as an artist savoring music. Now it is our turn to savor TAEYANG's music, an artist making a new leap forward to stand high once again.


View more videos by G-DRAGON at his Official YouTube Channel
@ http://www.youtube.com/officialgdragon

BIGBANG's leader and producer. He is the brain of BIGBANG's hit songs 'Lie', 'Last Farewell', 'Day by Day' and 'Tonight'. At age 13 he started training at YG Entertainment to embellish his musical talents. Now he is one of YG's main producers, contributing greatly to the success of BIGBANG. , his first solo album in 2009, sold nearly 300,000 copies, breaking the record for most copies sold for a male solo artist of the year. His mini album in 2012 again put him on the path to success, with many produced hit songs from the album. His first solo World Tour concert 2013 WORLD TOUR from March to September 2013 was when 8 years of hard work paid off, joined by 570,000 enthusiastic international fans. Wrapping up the 7-month-long World Tour in huge success, he moved on to release his 2nd regular album after 4 years of preparation. His outstanding musical talents are now greatly recognized by the public. Many evaluate his latest album as a masterpiece, as it focuses on the growth of G-DRAGON rather than his transformation. As he says it himself in his songs, everything G-DRAGON does becomes a trend and a sensation. Time after time he has proved that the phenomenon is not temporary. G-DRAGON is now a cultural icon that stands at the epitome the 21st century.


View more videos by SEUNGRI at his Official YouTube Channel
@ www.youtube.com/officialseungri

BIGBANG's youngest and solo artist SEUNGRI. His field of expertise branches out to different areas, not only as a singer in South Korea but taking on various roles overseas as well. He returns after 2 years and 7 months, with a deepened and matured collage of musical pieces. He comes back as an upgraded artist with knowledge of world music who self-writes, composes and produces his entire 2nd solo mini album [Let's Talk About Love]. His power that dominates the stage and his gentle voice that melts the hearts of many are greatly loved home and abroad.


DAESUNG, a member of BIGBANG and solo performer, is loved as much for his amazing vocals and unique, trademark smile, as he is for his musical talent. His vocal power and range allow him to sing various genres of music including his solo ballad "Try Smiling", folk songs like "Cotton Candy", his trot song "Look at Me, GwiSun" as well as the musical numbers from his performance in "Cats". His talent as an entertainer and comedic timing was visible in his numerous hosting efforts, such as "Family Outing" and "Night By Night". Daesung is an all-around entertainer beloved by all.
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