Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs oversees, develops, and manages policies related to postdoctoral scholars at Stanford; offers educational programs and services to postdoctoral scholars; and collaborates with university organizations, faculty, postdocs, their administrators, and external entities in order to facilitate an experience that supports the personal growth and professional development of each postdoc as a trainee and in preparation for an independent research, professional, and academic career.

Stanford Postdoc Handbook

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Sofie R Kleppner, PhD
Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs | Stanford University | Tel: 650-725-5075


Annelies Ransome, Associate Director for Administration

 (650) 736-0129


Stanford University School of Medicine 1215 Welch Road, Modular A
Stanford, CA 94305-5402
United States
T: (650) 725-5075
F: (650) 725-6106


Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs
Associate Director for Administration