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  1. Today we honor the hard work and ethic of the American people who have forged a nation of strength and opportunity.

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    8 hours ago

    Here are some good tips to prevent fraud. More post-Harvey rumor control here:

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    We are building our future with American hands, American labor, American iron, aluminum and steel. Happy !

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    Sep 3

    Beautiful service today at St. John's. and I wishing you many blessings on this National Day of Prayer.

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    Sep 3

    To apply for assistance: - Go online to - Go in person to a recovery center:

    A group of FEMA employees sit at laptops at a long table under a tent.
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    Sep 2

    So much SPIRIT in LA! Thank you to all of our HEREOS who saved many lives. An honor to spend time w/ , & the !

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    Sep 2
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    Sep 2

    Together, we will prevail in the GREAT state of Texas. We love you! GOD BLESS TEXAS & GOD BLESS THE USA🇺🇸

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    Sep 2

    In Houston and bring smiles to children and give out crayons and coloring books.

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    Sep 2

    TEXAS: We are with you today, we are with you tomorrow, and we will be with you EVERY SINGLE DAY AFTER, to restore, recover, and REBUILD!

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    Sep 2

    Departing for Texas and Louisiana with Melania right now . We will see you soon. America is with you!

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    Sep 1

    On behalf of Melania & myself, THANK YOU for today's update & GREAT WORK! , &

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    Sep 1

    We needed the whole community for we need it for recovery. Unite around TX & LA. Visit

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    Sep 1

    . proclamation: "We invite all Americans to join us as we continue to pray...for those who are suffering in this time of crisis."

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    Sep 1

    'President Donald J. Trump Proclaims September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer'

    President Trump Proclaims 9/3/2017, as a National Day of Prayer
    Melania & I are grateful to everyone devoting time, effort & resources to the ongoing response, recovery & rebuilding efforts. We invite all Americans to join us as we cont to pray for everyone in TX.
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    Sep 1

    In the wake of , here is some insight into when flood waters will recede:

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    Sep 1

    Take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your home following a flood.

  18. Sep 1

    President Trump proclaims Sunday, September 3, 2017 a National Day of Prayer:

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    Sep 1

    . signs proclamation declaring this Sunday a National Day of Prayer.

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    Aug 31

    Hurricanes can cause power outages. If using alternative power sources, learn how to recognize/prevent CO poisoning.

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