Audio ID and Video ID

Block, Monetize, or Track Viewing Metrics — It's Automated, and It's Free


YouTube has created an advanced set of copyright policies and content management tools to give rights holders control of their content. YouTube provides content management solutions for rights holders of all sizes across the world, and provides tools to cater to the specific needs of various rights owners.

Commercial partnerships

Use of YouTube's copyright tools is free, and does not require any commercial partnership with YouTube. Content partners who would like to monetize their content can apply to join our YouTube Partner Program.

What is Content ID?

YouTube's state-of-the-art technologies let rights owners:

  • Identify user-uploaded videos comprised entirely OR partially of their content, and
  • Choose, in advance, what they want to happen when those videos are found. Make money from them. Get stats on them. Or block them from YouTube altogether.

It's up to you.

How does Content ID work?

Rights holders deliver YouTube reference files (audio-only or video) of content they own, metadata describing that content, and policies on what they want YouTube to do when we find a match.

We compare videos uploaded to YouTube against those reference files.

Our technology automatically identifies your content and applies your preferred policy: monetize, track, or block.

Why use Content ID?

  • Make Money. Hundreds of media companies have signed up already, multiplying their inventory of monetizeable videos.
  • Fan Interaction. Turn your fans into marketers and distributors of your content—while letting them interact with their favorite content.
  • Reduce Infringement. Educate your fans about your copyright preferences and prevent your content from being distributed on YouTube without your permission.
  • Fully Automated. Once you're set up, Content ID will identify, claim, and apply policies to YouTube videos for you.
  • Market Data. Access snapshots of your content profile on YouTube, anytime. See how your videos are performing, monetizing, being blocked—at a glance.

Who should not use Content ID?

This program is designed for exclusive rights holders whose content is frequently uploaded to YouTube by the user community. If no one is uploading content you own, you don't need this program. For content owners with only occasional content management needs, or who seek a simpler solution, YouTube's other copyright tools may be more appropriate.

How do I sign up?

If this program sounds like something for you, tell us more about yourself on our Content ID signup page.

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