Cardinal Curriculum Level 2 DoR-Prog-2002

Cardinal Curriculum level 2 courses and instructor led companion workshops provide an in depth application of the concepts and topics introduced in Level 1 courses. You should complete the courses within one year of hire into a position that involves research administration. You can take the courses online at any time. The companion instructor led workshops are offered quarterly. 

The DOR Training Coordinator will register you for this certificate program in STARS as soon as you register for the Proposal and Budget Preparation course.

After you complete all the required courses, associated final tests, and companion workshops you will earn a Cardinal Curriculum Level 2 Certificate which will be sent to you via id mail at the end of the quarter.

If you have questions, contact DOR Training Coordinator Angelika Pahulu

Required Courses and Companion Workshops:

  • Proposal and Budget Preparation DOR-1120
  • Proposal and Budget Preparation Companion Workshop 1 - Proposal Preparation DOR-1501
  • Award Process DOR-1121 (Companion Workshop DOR-1503 coming soon)
  • Managing Sponsored Projects DOR-1126 (Companion Workshop DOR-1505 coming soon)

Elective Companion Workshops:

  • Proposal and Budget Preparation: Companion Workshop 2 - Budget Preparation DOR 1502

Elective Courses:

You must also complete two additional level 2 courses. Choose from the courses listed below based on your job responsibilities and interests.