• “Children, be quiet and watch your lesson”

    The case for video time during class

  • Ready for Play Time?

    A review of “The Importance of Being Little,” by Erika Christakis

  • Connecting to Practice

    How we can put education research to work

  • How Family Background Influences Student Achievement

    Can schools narrow the gap?

  • Schools of Choice

    Expanding opportunity for urban minority students

  • In Schools, Teacher Quality Matters Most

    Today’s research reinforces Coleman’s findings

What We’re Watching: Education for Upward Mobility Event

On Tuesday, March 15 at 4:00 pm, the Hoover Institution and the Fordham Institute will host an event to discuss a new book that looks at the role schools can play in helping low-income children advance in life.

EdNext Podcast: How Much Does Family Background Affect Student Achievement?

Marty West talks with Anna Egalite about the Coleman Report’s finding that family background explained more about student achievement than factors within the control of the school or other things that education policy can influence.

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