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Drive solutions for a sustainable future

Join us to develop the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and ways of thinking necessary to help solve the world’s most significant environmental and resource sustainability challenges. With our program more than 20 years strong, E-IPER students and faculty work across academic disciplines—the physical and natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, law and policy, medicine, and business—to yield new insights and novel solutions to urgent global problems. They include clean energy, climate change, food security, water quality and quantity, land conservation, human health and sanitation, sustainable cities, ocean health, and biodiversity loss. 

Degree Programs

Joint and Dual MS Degree

Explore our joint and dual MS degrees in Environment and Resources that give Stanford business, law, policy and medical students the tools to deepen their understanding of the science, technology and engineering that underlies environmental problems. 

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Our interdisciplinary PhD in Environment and Resources degree program enables students to become first-rate interdisciplinary researchers who acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in both academic and non-academic careers.

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Meet some of our community members

Stanford research resources

Check out the many cross-campus research groups and facilities that E-IPER students may access.

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See where an E-IPER degree can take you from green investing to deep sea research, business or environmental policy. 

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