SunShot Initiative

  • Catalyst Demo Day

    The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia hosted Catalyst Demo Day on December 10th, where 19 teams from around the country pitched innovative solar energy-focused software products for a chance to win to $700,000 in cash prizes.

  • Technology to Market Awards Announced

    The Energy Department today announced $22.7 million for 23 projects that will significantly reduce the costs for solar energy systems across a variety of technologies. The new projects will promote the next generation of products, services, and manufacturing processes to help accelerate the deployment and reduce the cost of solar energy across the United States.

  • National Community Solar Partnership Kicks Off

    Sixty-eight cities, states, and businesses kicked off efforts to increase access to solar at a meeting at the White House on November 18.

  • Solar Ready Vets

    The Solar Ready Vets program connects our nation’s skilled veterans to the solar energy industry, preparing them for bright careers as they exit military service.

  • Solar Energy Resources for Homebuilders

    Homebuilders are realizing that solar represents a good investment for their portfolios. Learn more about the benefits of solar energy for homebuilders in this round-up of resources.