Visiting Clerkships

Stanford Medical School offers a maximum of three months of elective rotations to students who are currently enrolled in their fourth or final year MD program at a school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education or Education Department of the American Osteopathic Association (for details, see "Eligibility Requirements" under the How to Apply section).

All visiting rotations are scheduled through the Office of Medical Student Affairs. Visiting students are scheduled during the time specified for each quarter because Stanford medical students have priority in taking these electives

Clerkships Requiring Pre-approval

  • ANES 300A, ANES 300B, ANES 300C, ANES 300D, ANES 300E, ANES 300P, ANES 301A, ANES 302A, ANES 304A, ANES 307A, ANES 308A, ANES 340B
  • DERM 310B
  • EMED 308A, EMED 313A
  • MED 302C, MED 304A, MED 308A, MED 311D, MED 312C, MED 314A, MED 325C, MED 340B
  • NENS 307A, NENS 308A
  • NSUR 304A, NSUR 318A
  • OBGYN 304A, OBGYN 306A, OBGYN 307A, OBGYN 308A
  • ORTHO 303C, ORTHO 304A, ORTHO 310A, ORTHO 318A
  • OTOHNS 307A, OTOHNS 336A
  • PATH 300A, PATH 300B, PATH 302A, PATH 304A, PATH 398A
  • PEDS 313A, PEDS 314A, PEDS 338A
  • PSYC 358A
  • RAD 302A, RAD 303A, RAD 304A, RAD 305A, RAD 306A
  • SURG 309A, SURG 310A, SURG 334A, SURG 338A, SURG 340A, SURG 340B, SURG 398A


How to Apply

Step-by-step instructions for how to apply to a Stanford clerkship are available through the Application Checklist. Your application will not be considered complete until all of the required documentation is received.

Arriving Visiting Students

Welcome to Stanford! The following Orientation Checklist will walk you through the necesary steps to get situated, including how to set up computer access, get a Photo ID and more.