Welcome to Stanford Immunology


From the desk of Dr. Patricia Jones, Director

Stanford Immunology is home to faculty, students, postdocs and staff who work together to produce internationally recognized research in many fields of immunology. The long tradition of collaboration among the immunology laboratories at Stanford fosters highly productive interdisciplinary research, with an emphasis on the application of molecular approaches to problems in cellular and clinical immunology. Faculty research interests include both bench-to-bedside approaches and basic science research. Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars receive outstanding training through their participation in research, teaching, seminars, journal clubs, and the annual Stanford Immunology Scientific Conference. Many members of our community are also affiliated with Stanford Institutes of Medicine. Stanford Immunology joined the Institute of Immunity, Transplantation and Infection in January 2011.


Program News

2015 Immunology Holiday Party

Come one, come all to the Immunology Holiday Party on December 10, 2015 from 4-6pm in the Fairchild Atrium.  Enjoy food, drink and celebrate the best faculty mentor, postdoc mentor and dissertation defense of the year.    

2015 Asilomar Best Poster Prize

Claire Gustafson, Luke Pennington and Jake Glanville won the best postdoc and graduate student poster at this year's annual Immunology retreat.  Claire, a postdoc in Jorg Goronzy's lab, presented a poster on "systems analysis of microRNAs reveals a potential link between CD8 T cell dysfunction and TGF-beta signaling during aging."  Luke, an MSTP student in the Jardetzky lab, presented a "structural basis of omalizumab-mediated IgE:FcεRI inhibition and IgE repertoire exchange."  Jake, while working with Mark Davis, studied "Blood reading algorithms: tracing specificity with antibody lineages and paratope convergence."

Michael Birnbaum and Khoa Nguyen win Outstanding Dissertation Award

Michael and Khoa had two of the most exemplary dissertation defenses in 2014.  In laboratory of Chris Garcia, Michael studied the nature and extent of T cell receptor crossreactivity by deep sequencing peptide-MHC libraries.  You can read more about Michael's findings in his publication in Cell.  In Ajay Chawla's lab, Khoa studied how circadian rhythms regulate monocyte homeostasis.  You can read more about Khoa's findings in his publication in Science.  Khoa is also the 2014 recipient of the Hugh McDevitt Prize and the Spark Award.  Congratulations Michael and Khoa!.

Stanford Immunology Students Combat Anti-Vaccine Movement with Video - "I Just Can't Wait for My Vaccine."

Immuno Social Committee Organizes a Successful Interview Weekend!

Immunology Social Committee Chairs Leah Sibener, Justin Jarrell, Marvin Gee, and Marta Andre Terres wooed potential Stanford Immuno recruits with a fantastic Interview Weekend.  The rest of the program awaits with bated breath for April 15, when the new Immunology Class of 2015 will be finalized.  Great job, guys!