A modern city and traffic on a freeway symbolize the momentum of Chemours over the past year.
A modern city and traffic on a freeway symbolize the momentum of Chemours over the past year.

A Year of Milestones and Momentum

Chemours began its journey as a 200-year-old startup, partnering with customers to make everyday life better for people worldwide.

A pipet gently releasing a clear solution into a rack of test tubes.

Company Vision

A vision for Higher Value Chemistry.

We are focused on becoming a Higher Value Chemistry company, improving the quality of life for billions of people worldwide.

A scientist looking through a microscope shows application of chemistry.

Application Development

Shaping markets, defining industries, changing lives.

Applying chemistry makes ordinary things extraordinary. See how it enables new products and new ways of doing business for our customers.

An illustration shows the evolution of refrigerants, from CFCs to low global warming potential HFOs, like Opteon™.

Stewardship & Sustainability

The smaller the footprint, the bigger the impact.

Keeping cool with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. Adding hiding power while using less paint. Learn how more sustainable chemistry acts as a catalyst for better.

A molecule illustrates the focus on chemistry Chemours offers investors.

Investor Relations

A $6 billion startup with over 200 years of experience.

Introducing a new chemical industry leader, created from the DuPont Performance Chemicals businesses. Chemours focuses on delivering business applications to customers in over 130 countries.

Our Brands


A market leader in thousands of uses, from nonstick cookware to cell phone antennas.


Pure white TiO2 pigments for coatings, plastics, laminates, and paper.


A global leader in biosecurity for commercial livestock, aquaculture, and other uses.


Low global warming potential refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration.


Long lasting lubricants that can brave extreme temperatures and environments.


Seals and gaskets that resist extremes of heat, cold, and exposure to harsh chemicals.


The premier choice for second-to-none power output and durability in the fuel cell industry.


A specialized refrigerant for low-temperature applications such as medical freezers.