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MBA & MSx Communication Programs

Successful leaders draw on communication skills to share their vision, build trust with potential investors,​ generate support for ​their initiatives, and inspire ​employees to act. Their effectiveness comes from their ability to communicate with authenticity, confidence, and passion.

At Stanford GSB, you can personalize your academic experience through the MBA and MSx Communication programs, which offer courses, coaching, and tailored workshops to help you develop your communication skills.


Communication coaching is offered to first-year MBA and MSx students. Coaches focus on three key areas: business writing, class participation, and impromptu speaking. Students can meet one-on-one with a coach and participate in a series of workshops and hands-on practice groups.

Studio on Demand provides videotaped one-on-one presentation coaching for all MBA and MSx students. Students work on all aspects of communicating, including managing anxiety, slide design, presentation preparation, and receive feedback on delivery techniques.


LOWkeynotes provides students the opportunity to develop and practice a nine-minute presentation on an idea they believe is inline with the school’s mission – to change lives, organizations and the world. Students deliver their final presentation to an audience of their peers, faculty and staff.

Jacqueline Grant on Snackable Science
Jacqueline Grant on Snackable Science
View this LOWkeynote, and all other LOWkeynote presentations, on YouTube.

Communication workshops are offered throughout the year on topics that include public speaking, meeting presence, managing anxiety, and impromptu speaking.


Communication courses offer students the opportunity to explore frameworks for developing and executing effective communication strategies.

Students in GSBGEN 315, Strategic Communication, deliver a 15-minute final presentation on a specific communication lesson as their final project.

Communication courses offered at Stanford GSB include:

GSBGEN 315 Strategic Communication
GSBGEN 515 Essentials of Strategic Communication
GSBGEN 574 Effective Virtual Communication: Presenting via the Web, Video, and Teleconference
STRAMGT 259 MSx: Generative Leadership
GSBGEN 565 Political Communication: How Leaders Become Leaders
GSBGEN 317 Reputation Management: Strategies for Successful Communicators
GSBGEN 587 Survive and Thrive: The Art of Navigating Crucial Conversations
GSBGEN 552 Winning Writing