CAP Network is a virtual workspace, originally created by the School of Medicine, to support collaboration among faculty, graduate students, postdocs and staff. In 2013, it was expanded in partnership with various Schools, Institutes, and administrative offices to create the Stanford Profiles website.

Combining a profile directory with a social networking backend, CAP makes it easy for you to work closely with colleagues and track the projects that matter most to you—all in a private, secure environment. With CAP, you can:

Customize Your Profile

Whether you are a graduate student, postdoc, or staff or faculty member, your profile features a layout suited to your professional activities.

Build on a foundation of pre-loaded data

Data feeds from a number of university and other systems seed your profile with information about your work at Stanford, including your title, how to contact you, recent publications, and more.

screenshot of CAP profile

Tell colleagues about your skills and background

An Edit view in your profile helps you build a complete portrait of yourself. You can describe your professional interests and experience, upload a photo and post your CV or NIH Biosktech for download, among other features.

screenshot of CAP edit profile page

Invitee profile

Invited CAP members have abridged profiles that allow them to upload a photo and add contact information. This profile type only appears in the Stanford view of CAP and cannot be seen by the public.

screenshot of CAP edit profile page

Control who sees what

CAP supports a public and a Stanford-only view of each profile. Using built-in privacy controls, you can decide what information in your profile is visible to each audience, and what is hidden altogether. Invited-member profiles only appear in the Stanford view of CAP.

screenshot of CAP visibility settings

Invite Stanford Colleagues

Invite other faculty, staff and graduate students at Stanford into CAP and include them in secure online groups.

Connect across Stanford

You can collaborate with faculty, staff and graduate students from any School or Department by simply sending them a CAP invitation and adding them to groups you mange. Unfortunately undergradutes, unpaid affiliates and hospital employees can’t be invited at this time.

screenshot of CAP profile with invite people button

Invited people are CAP members

Invited people have full access to CAP’s collaboration features, including the ability to form their own groups and invite colleagues of their own. They also have abridged profiles with their contact information, which only appear in the Stanford view of CAP. Full profiles will be available in the future.

screenshot of CAP edit profile page

Manage your invites in one easy view

Stay on top of who’s responded to your invitations through your CAP Inbox. A “My Invitations” section tracks who you’ve invited and whether an invitation is pending, accepted or declined.

screenshot of how to manage your invites

Bring remote colleagues together

As soon as you’ve invited someone, you can add that person to any groups you manage. Groups provide a secure online space to share files and work closely with colleagues no matter where they are. To access groups, click on the “Groups” tab at the top once you login.

screenshot of CAP group feed

Share Status Updates & Files

Tell colleagues what you're working on to keep others in the loop, reduce redundant efforts and get feedback.

Post updates and questions in real time

Keep colleagues in the loop on your projects, or ask questions to get help on any topic. Your updates automatically appear on your profile wall and in the activity streams of the people following you.

screenshot of CAP Activity Stream

Get feedback to move your projects forward

Get valuable input and ideas when colleagues respond to your updates. A real-time discussion feed helps keep all comments in context and provides a running history to help new collaborators get up to speed.

screenshot of CAP Activity Stream comments

Share useful documents and web sites

Post links and files to share important information, get colleague feedback and ensure easy file tracking — all in one central view.

screenshot of CAP file sharing

Track your activity in one easy view

A user feed in your profile tracks your status updates, as well as your posts to other profiles and discussion threads. Any CAP member can see your feed as part of your profile. Your posts to private groups, however, will only appear in your feed when viewed by fellow group members.

screenshot of CAP user-feed

Find Collaborators

Use CAP's search and auto-relate tools to find subject-matter experts, people with similar interests, available mentors and more.

Scan profile categories

Browse the CAP directory by department or degree program. Or search by profile type, such as all faculty, students, staff or postdocs, to connect with colleagues of interest.

CAP explore profiles

Search on specific names and terms

Search by name or subject matter to find a specific person, or all people linked to a biomedical topic. CAP will return a list of matching profiles that highlights the section in each profile where the search string was found.

screenshot of CAP search results

Find the opportunity that is right for you

View a list of research openings and get all the information you need to find the right project for you, including whether a position is paid, where it's located and whether it fulfills your educational requirements. You can also use CAP's Google map to search for projects by geographic location.

screenshot of research opportunities

Connect with the expertise you're looking for

Use the Find a Mentor tab to connect with faculty and postdocs interested in providing career counseling, clinical shadowing, research guidance and other support.

screenshot of mentor search

Discover new connections

When you view a profile with publications, an auto-relate feature compares publication topics across all CAP profiles to identify other people who have published on similar research.

screenshot of auto-related profiles

Get a quick view of a researcher's focus

View the tag cloud in a researcher's profile to get a snapshot of his or her scientific interests. The size of each term indicates how often it appears within that person's published research.

screenshot of CAP tag cloud

Follow Colleagues

Bridge real-world silos and track the activity of people across the CAP Nework.

Get updates on the activity of others

To keep tabs on any colleague, simply click the “Follow” icon associated with their profile. The status updates of the people you select will automatically appear in your activity stream, where you can comment to give feedback or ask questions.

screenshot of follow link

Monitor all of your interests in one easy view

Your activity stream tracks the posts and comments of the colleagues you're following, all in one consolidated view. Only you can see your stream and who you are following.

screenshot of CAP activity stream

Get updates no matter where you are

Because CAP’s social features are built on the Salesforce Chatter system, you can use one of Chatter's easy-to-install mobile apps to post updates and track discussions from your mobile device of choice. You can also install Chatter's desktop client to connect straight from your desktop, without using a browser.

screenshot of the Chatter desktop client

Add to the conversation

You can comment on the posts of colleagues to ask questions, share your expertise and collaborate in real time.

screenshot of activity stream comments

Create & Join Groups

Collaborate in private groups limited to select colleagues, or in groups open to the CAP Network.

Anyone can start a group

Create a group to help your team get organized, share information and work more closely together to get things done.

creating a new group in CAP

Participate in ongoing projects

Find and connect with groups of interest through the All Groups tab in your profile. Groups provide a shared space for teams to share information and collaborate.

group search in CAP

Control who has access to your projects

You can make a group open to all CAP members, or private to select colleagues only. As a group owner, you have the ability to review and approve all membership requests to ensure privacy.

control group access

Track your group collaborations in one easy view

A dedicated group feed automatically updates all group members whenever a new post is added. As a record of the group's activity, the feed helps keep your discussions in context, while making it easy for new collaborators to get up to speed.

screenshot of CAP group feed

Control Privacy Settings

Control who sees what in your profile, and keep confidential discussions private.

Set the level of protection for your online data

All profile owners have the ability to make their profile available to the public, for Stanford-only viewing, or unlisted. Invited-member profiles can only be seen by the Stanford community.

screenshot of CAP visibility settings

Only members of the CAP Network can see CAP's social content.

Your posts and comments can only be seen by members of the CAP Network. They are not visible to the public, nor SUNet ID holders outside of the CAP system. No one but you can see who you are following and your associated activity stream.

CAP is for internal use only

Manage access to your team collaborations

Groups can be created for CAP-wide participation, or for restricted use by select colleagues. Your posts to private groups will only appear in the feed of the related group, and on your profile wall when viewed by a fellow group member.

control group access

Set Up Mobile & Desktop Access

Keep up to date on your work and academic interests, no matter where you are.

Stay in touch even when you're offline

Connect with colleagues straight from your desktop without using a browser. Chatter's desktop client lets you easily post updates and files and track discussion threads. Pop-up alerts flag incoming posts so you won't miss a thing when you're focused on other work.

screenshot of the Chatter desktop client

Stay connected when you're on the go

Whether you have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry device, you can stay connected using mobile apps by Salesforce Chatter, the platform behind CAP's social features. These clients allow you to post on your activity and receive others' updates through your mobile device of choice. Getting set up just takes minutes.

Chatter on iPhone

Collaborate through the iPad interface

Follow discussion threads in portrait or landscape view, tap photos and files for easy viewing, and use the pinch/spread feature to preview presentations, all through the Chatter iPad client. Getting set up takes minutes.

Chatter on iPad

Get Email Notifications

Receive alerts and email digests on the people and groups you're following.

Get a recap of what's going on

Sign up through the Edit View of your profile to receive a daily or weekly digest of your activity stream. Emails contain all posts made the day or week before by the people and groups you're following.

screenshot of CAP email frequency settings

Stay on top of what's important

You can customize your email settings to receive an alert when someone posts to your profile, adds a comment to one of your posts, contributes to a discussion thread you're following, or mentions your name.

screenshot of CAP email alert settings

Manage your group interactions

You can control notifications for each group in which you're a member. For example, you can choose to receive an alert for every post, or a daily or weekly digest for each group feed.

screenshot of CAP group email settings

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