Graduate Students

Bjorn-Erik Wulff

I am creating a way to solve high-resolution protein structures within the living cell. I do this by first chemically cross-linking adjacent protein residues inside the cell and then detecting the cross-links by mass spectrometry. This gives residue-residue distance constraints from which the structure can be solved computationally.

Jenna Caldwell

Conformational change is integral to the function of many proteins, but it is difficult to observe using current methods, particularly in complex, physiologically relevant environments. I am developing a solvent exposure-based method that will allow us to observe these conformational changes.

Research Assistants

Dan Riordan

My research focuses on the discovery and characterization of human cell
types and tissue features using multiplexed gene expression profiling. To
this end, I am developing new technologies for spatial transcriptome
mapping with single-cell resolution. I am also engineering novel
luminescent probes for enhanced detection of specific biomolecules.

Unspecified Position