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Stanford Golf Course Membership

GENERAL INFORMATION - Golf Course Memberships are available to Faculty/Staff, Emeriti Faculty and retired Staff of the University on an annual or semi-annual basis. Regular Memberships are offered to individuals on a periodic basis at the sole discretion of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER). Constituents who obtain a membership to the golf course are referred to as a Faculty/Staff Member of the Golf Course or Regular Member of the Golf Course.

The term "membership" as used herein means a revocable license to use the golf course subject to: (i) the facilities available; (ii) the payment of dues and fees; (iii) the rules and regulations of the golf course as they may be amended, from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER). This membership is nonproprietary, nonvoting, nontransferable and terminable. It does not carry, grant nor is it coupled with any ownership interest or other interest whatsoever in any real or personal property or in the income of the Stanford Golf Course or any other entity. It does not entitle any ownership rights of any nature whatsoever in the Stanford Golf Course or any of its facilities.

ANNUAL FEES - Members of the Golf Course pay annual fees. An annual playing privilege entitles the member to use the course during the year without additional charge, subject to rules and regulations established by DAPER. The period is from September 1 to August 31. The renewal of playing privilege with fees is offered annually. Annual fees are due on September 1, but may also be paid on a semi-annual basis.

Renewal of playing privileges will be mailed July 1 each year. Payment is due on September 1. Late payment is subject to a 10% charge. A second notice, if necessary, will be sent on October 1. If payment has not been submitted by October 15, privileges will be terminated. An annual membership may be canceled before the fiscal year expires and cancellation. Written notice of cancellation must be given on or before the first day of the preceding month. Stanford University reserves the right to reject applications for memberships and to terminate memberships at any time. No application is accepted until an applicant is notified in writing by DAPER. Stanford University reserves the right to change the membership fees, green fees and other charges at any time without prior notice.

Members may purchase up to 2 Member Guest Cards per year at a discounted rate. Member Guest Cards may be purchased in the golf shop and must be utilized within the 12 month period in which they were purchased. Existing cards will be honored. Effective immediately, tracking will be managed via member account.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - An annual Member may obtain an Associate Membership for his or her spouse and for dependent children until the day they reach age 19 (18 and under) or age 23 (22 and under) if the dependent is a full time student currently enrolled in 12 or more semester or quarter units. An additional fee is made for Associate Members. Proof of enrollment is to be provided to the Membership Coordinator.

INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - Regular Members may request to convert their membership to Inactive Membership. Renewal as an Inactive Member is offered annually for a fee. Inactive Members may request their membership be converted to a Regular Member upon payment of fees. Inactive Membership is available to the Regular Member only. Spouses and dependents have no access to the golf course even if the Regular Member held an Associate Membership prior to converting to Inactive Member. Spouses and dependents may play as guests of constituents who have access to the golf course.

FACULTY/STAFF MEMBERS AND REGULAR MEMBERS OF THE GOLF COURSE - Golf privileges at Stanford Golf Course are continued for the surviving spouse of a deceased Faculty/Staff or Regular Member if the surviving spouse was enjoying golfing privileges as an Associate Member at the time of the decedent's death and provided that the surviving spouse pays the Faculty/Staff annual or semi-annual Faculty/Staff fees or Regular Member annual fees.

GOLF COURSE ACCESS - See details regarding member access to the golf course including spouses, dependents and guests.

STANFORD GOLF CLUB - Members of the Golf Course may join the Stanford Golf Club which is comprised of three Sections; Men's Section, 18-Hole Women's Section and 9-Hole Women's Section. See details in the right column.


Casey Hall

Telephone: 650-725-2095

Stanford Golf Club Membership

All Stanford University faculty/staff and alumni with playing privileges can join the Stanford Golf Club Men's or Women's Sections for a fee without paying the annual or semi-annual golf course membership fee -- you will pay greens fees instead. NOTE: faculty and staff members who hold semi-annual or annual playing privileges are already required to join the Men's Golf Section. For membership information contact the Men's Section, Women's 18-Hole Section and/or Women's 9-Hole Section.

Men's Section

Tournaments | How to Join | Champions

Men's Section President Rich Peers

Women's 18-Hole Section

Tournaments | How to Join | Champions
Tuesday/Sunday Play | Summer Team | WGANC

18-hole Captain Debbie Hall

Women's 9-Hole Section

How to Join | Thurs/Sunday Play | Team Play | WNHGA

9-hole Captains Jenny Blaschke & Char Hamada

BRIEF HISTORY - The Stanford Golf Club was founded in June 1930 and has functioned continuously except for a brief period during World War II. The Club, which is independent of the University is comprised of three sections; Men's Section, 18-Hole Women's Section and 9-Hole Women's Section. Club members participate in men's section tournaments and women's section tournaments and regional competitions including Northern California Golf Association, Women's Golf Association of Northern California and Women's Nine Hole Golf Association sponsored events. Club members have a long history in highly competitive amateur competition. Men's Club Champions | Women's Club Champions.

Membership in the Club is limited to men and women in good amateur standing who are Members of the Golf Course holding annual or semi-annual playing privileges, current Faculty/Staff, Emeriti Faculty, Retired Staff and Alumni of the University. Club membership is different than golf course membership. See the section on the left column for golf course membership information.

SECTIONS OF THE STANFORD GOLF CLUB - Annual Club dues are payable to the Section joined. Dues are payable September 1. Club dues are apart and separate from annual fees paid to the golf course for golf course membership. Club dues are mandatory and not refundable should a membership be canceled during the year. Handicaps of Club members are posted on-line. A Golf Course Handbook & Member Directory is prepared annually by DAPER from rosters and information provided by Members of the Golf Course and Sections of the Club shortly after the September 1 renewal of annual and semi-annual playing privileges.

MEN'S SECTION - The Men's Section is primarily composed of male Members of the Golf Course and their Associate Member juniors, Faculty/Staff and Alumni. Female Members of the Golf Course may join the Men's Section. All male Members of the Golf Course must be members of the Men's Section. The Section is organized for the purpose of promoting tournament and Club activities for its members. The Section is a member of the USGA and the Northern California Golf Association.

WOMEN'S 18-HOLE & 9-HOLE SECTIONS - The Women's Sections are composed of female Members of the Golf Course, Faculty/Staff and Alumni. The 18-Hole Section plays on Tuesday mornings from 7:50 AM - 9:30 AM. All players must start from the first tee. Guest days are the fourth Tuesday of each month. The Section is a member of the Women's Golf Association of Northern California. The 9-Hole Section has reserved times on Thursday mornings to play the back nine. There are three Guest Days per year. The Section is a member of the Women's Nine Hole Golf Association.