What You'll Study

Left-brained, right-brained, techie, fuzzy—these are less and less terms for the world or for life. Stanford is excited to be launching a new CS+English joint major for students who want to think across the divide and create projects that fuse science and the humanities. Increasingly, groundbreaking work in literary studies is being done through technology; simultaneously, the world of computer engineering thrives on the creativity and adaptability taught in literature departments. Stanford is uniquely situated to bring together the Bay Area’s rich currents of innovation and imagination. In the joint major, students will integrate the skills of the two disciplines, working with advisors in both departments to craft a project that shows the possibilities of synthesis between literature and CS. The joint major is a new program that works with students to explore and create new work between the disciplines. Because that work is integrated, the credit requirement is significantly less than for the double major.

Degrees Offered: 
Joint Major/BAS