Student Leadership

Immunology encourages student involvement and feedback to improve the quality of academic and social experiences. The following positions are held by students, and elections are held annually at the last Journal Club meeting before the summer term.  The various leadership opportunities are as follows:

First-Year Advising Committee

The first-year advising committee is made up of three 2nd-5th year students.  Their primary duties are to meet with Dr. Olivia Martinez at the beginning of the academic year to go over the PhD curriculum, to welcome the new first-year students, and to listen to any issues or concerns brought up by the first-years in confidence and providing advice when necessary.  They will also meet with the first-years at least once a quarter over a casual dinner and interface with the new Immunology Social Media Committee.

'14-'15 First-Year Advising Committee: Sarah Kongpachith, Erika Bongen, Marvin Gee, and Jonathan Wosen.

Student Representative to the Executive Committee '14-'15

Matt Spitzer

The Executivie Committee Representative position is filled by one 3rd-5th year graduate student.  His/her main duties are: to attend executive committee meetings (roughly twice a year), to be in touch with student concerns and issues and serve as a voice for fellow graduate students, to bring student petitions to the Executive Committee, to serve as editor for the Immunology Graduate Student Handbook, attend the Asilomar Faculty Meeting, and serve as a representative to the Stanford Immunology alumni.

Asilomar Scientific Conference Representatitve '14-'15

Dan Lu

The Asilomar Scientific Conference Representative position is one PAID position open for one 3rd-5th year graduate student.  His/Her main duties are: to meet with the Asilomar Chairs for program planning, to attend a portion of critiques and rehearsals of Asilomar talks before the actual conference, to receive and organize the oral presentations from all the speakers, to take charge of the audiovisual aspects of the presentations, and to interface with the Immunology Social Media Committee.

Student Director of Seminars '13-'15

Dara Strauss-Albee

The Student Director of Seminars is one PAID, two-year position open for one student.  His/her duties are to oversee and direct the nomination of seminar speakers, as solicited from the Stanford community, send invitations to selected seminar speakers, and arrange luncheons with the seminar speakers.  In the second term, an Assistant Seminar Director will be elected and will shadow the Seminar Director in his/her duties.  The Assistant Director will eventually become the Seminar Director (this is also a PAID position).

Social Media Committee (NEW!)

The social media committee will be 4-5 members comprised of 2nd-5th year students.  Their duties will be to: interface with all student committees, be up-to-date with university social media, maintain the Immunology program's social media handles (including an online newsletter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), assist in advertising seminar series and symposiums via social media, as well as network with alumni and the Stanford IT community.

Social Committee

The chairs of the social committee are three 2nd-4th year graduate students.  They serve as the heart of the Immunology Graduate Student Community and maintain the social calendar for all Immunology graduate students.  Their main duties are to: chair the beer and wine socials for the Science-in-Progress talks, chair the social activities for the annual Asilomar Retreat, chair the social activities for the Admissions Interview Weekend, and maintain the student budget for social activities. They may also advise the first years for the Annual Immunology BBQ and interface with the new Immunology Social Media Committee.

Social Committee '14-'15

Marta Andrés Terré

Social Committee '14-'15

Leah Sibener

Social Committee '14-'15

Justin Jarrell