Division of Spine Surgery

The Stanford Neurosurgery Department Division of Spine Surgery provides comprehensive spine care for a variety of spine  pathologies.  Our physicians lead an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals devoted to the optimal care of patients with spinal disorders.  Our clinical team comprises experts in the field of spinal reconstruction, adult deformity, spinal tumors, minimally invasive spine surgery, radiosurgery, pain management, physiatry, and spinal trauma.

In addition to pursuing excellent clinical care, our Stanford Spine experts are faculty members of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine. They are actively involved in research to advance the field of spine surgery and improve treatment options.  Areas of research focus for our faculty include patient outcomes in spine surgery, human mesenchymal stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury, prevention of perioperative complications, mathematical modeling of adverse event occurrence, spinal biomechanics, neural prostheses for restoring function after spinal cord injury, intraoperative navigation for spine surgery procedures, and molecular and cell based interventions to improve function after spinal cord injury.

Neurological Spine Disorders Clinic

The Stanford Neurological Spine Disorders Clinic provides comprehensive spine care and neurosurgery to treat spinal trauma, disease and deformity in adults and children.