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School of Medicine Internal Proposal Deadline Policy

This webpage contains the policy distributed to School of Medicine faculty and the research community. This policy will go into affect for any grants, contracts, subcontracts, and fellowships with sponsor deadlines on or after Feb. 1, 2015.

Documents regarding this policy:

Internal Proposal Deadlines:

Effective February 1, 2015, proposal submissions for grants, contracts, subcontracts, and fellowships must comply with the new internal proposal deadline requirements outlined below. The internal deadline applies to both proposals submitted electronically as well as paper proposal submissions.

                                        GRANT, CONTRACT, AND SUBCONTRACT PROPOSALS
  • 5 full business days in advance of the sponsor’s due date:
    • All administrative portions of the proposal must be complete, final and submitted to your institutional representative (RMG).  This means:
        • The complete proposal application*
        • Internal budget and budget justification approved by PI and RPM
        • Relevant waivers approved by RMG
        • Subaward budget(s) and budget justification(s)

          *The technical scope of work can be a draft, but must be finalized at least 3 full business days in advance of the sponsor's due date.

  • 3 full business days in advance of the sponsor’s due date:
    • The complete and final proposal must be received by your institutional representative in RMG, ready to submit to the sponsor.           
    • Items reviewed at the 5 day deadline will not be re-reviewed unless the RPM is notified of changes. Additionally:
        • PDRF approved by all faculty.
        • PDRF approved by department Manager or designee (if cost-sharing &/or space approval required).
        • Subaward OSR Forms (for example OSR form 33, OSR form 47, etc., if applicable)
  • NOTE:

    • Complete and final proposals received less than 3 full business days in advance of the sponsor’s due date will be reviewed on a “First In, First Out” basis.  No proposals will be allowed to cut in line.
    • Efforts will be made to submit the proposal, but there is no guarantee that the proposal will be submitted in time to meet the agency’s deadline.

  • ALERT: Proposals received by RMG with only 2 full business days before the sponsor’s due date cannot be processed in time and will not be submitted.

It is recommended that you contact the sponsor to request an extension to the sponsor’s deadline.  Alternatively you may consider delaying the submission until the next proposal deadline.


  • The complete and final copy of the proposal via the Stanford Electronic Research Administration (SeRA) System with a signed PDRF** must be received 5 full business days in advance of the sponsor’s due date.
  • **All materials that are being submitted to the sponsor need to be attached to the PDRF.
      • If a hard copy signature page is required, the hardcopy must be delivered to our office by the internal deadline.
      • If electronic or scanned signatures are acceptable, the signature page should be attached to the PDRF at the time of submission to our office.






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