Research Management Group (RMG)

Roles and Responsibilities

This site describes the roles and responsibilities of School of Medicine organizational units, institutional officials and key individuals in the areas of grant compliance and institutional oversight.


Grant and Contract Proposal and Award Management Processes

Supplemental Roles and Responsibilities


Principal Investigators (PIs)
The roles of Principal Investigators at Stanford include the direction of research and scholarship and the education and training of students. Sponsored projects must be conducted in compliance with University policy reflecting laws, regulations and sponsor requirements. The PI assures Stanford and the potential sponsor that project finances are represented as accurately as possible.

Research Management Group (RMG)
The Research Process Managers (RPMs) in RMG are the University’s sponsored projects institutional representatives for School of Medicine faculty and are the primary point of contact for sponsors and Department/Institute grant and contract administrators. Partnering with faculty and staff, RPMs direct and manage the proposal process to ensure timely, compliant and accurate submissions. RPMs develop budgets for all proposals with the PI, accept and negotiate grant awards on behalf of the University, provide expert consultation and oversight to ensure that sponsored research funds are managed and expended in compliance with internal and external policies, and continue as the institutional representative throughout the life of the award.

Clinical Trial Team (CT-RMG)
Effective Oct. 1, 2011,the Contract Officers assigned to negotiate clinical trial and clinical research contracts moved from the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) to the Research Management Group (RMG). The Clinical Trial Research Process Managers (RPMs) and Clinical Trial Contract officers have joined to form the Clinical Trial Team (CT-RMG). The newly formed CT-RMG will support industry sponsored clinical trial contracts. OSR will continue to support all other contracts and those subcontracts and subawards not associated with clinical trials.

Departments and Institutes and their staff work with the Principal Investigators, Department Chair, School, and University staff to provide guidance on the compliance, financial, personnel, space, and other related aspects of proposals. Department staff assist PIs in obtaining appropriate internal approvals, and provide assurances for commitments made in proposals. They manage the awards in compliance with University and sponsor policies.

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Accounting
OSR Accounting performs financial post award activities, including account set-up and review and approval of certain cost transfers. OSR prepares interim and final financial reports for all sponsored research awards. OSR Accounting is also responsible for final closeout. For all these activities, OSR ensures compliance with University and sponsor policies.

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Contracts
OSR Contract and Grant Officers  (CGOs) are responsible for the formal negotiation and administration of extramural support for University contract agreements funded by government and non-government sponsors (sponsored projects). The CGOs in OSR prepare, negotiate and oversee federally-funded contracts, subawards and subcontracts for the School of Medicine. The exceptions are contracts, subcontracts, and subawards that are primarily industry-funded, such as clinical trials and clinical research. These clinical agreements are negotiated by the RMG Clinical Trial Contract Officers (See RMG above).

Research Financial Compliance and Services (RFCS) Accounts Receivable - RFCS Accounts Receivable performs billing, receipts and collections for all sponsored (government and non-government) awards in the university. They ensure the collection of over $400M annually in research funds and are also responsible for the completion of monthly GL analyses and reconciliations, quarterly and year end variance analyses, audits and the remittance of federal interest as prescribed by the A-110 provisions.

Industrial Contracts Office (ICO)- ICO is responsible for negotiating and signing sponsored research, collaboration, and material transfer agreements with industry except for clinical trial agreements, which are handled by the Office of Sponsored Research.

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