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Consider the advantage of examining red-figure pottery from ancient Greece, Italian etchings from the 17th century, or Yaka initiation masks from 20th-century Congo. The truths and puzzles about the origins and existence of these objects complement studies in a variety of disciplines. Medical students ponder the exaggerations of anatomical parts that contribute to the expressive power of Rodin's sculpted figures. Engineering students find insights into their own work by studying the painted abstractions of Diebenkorn or the woven patterns of a Navajo blanket. While at Stanford, question art and its relation to your studies by exploring the Cantor Arts Center’s indoor and outdoor collections and exhibitions.

The Collection
The Center's collections span history and the globe, ranging from ancient objects made in Asia, the Mediterranean region, Africa, and the Americas to contemporary works by living artists.  More than 1500 works are on view in the galleries at any time.

The Cantor Arts Center hosts a superb selection of special exhibitions.

Outdoor Sculpture
Outdoor sculptures can be found in the Center’s two sculpture gardens and locations across campus.

Collections Database
Not all of the Center's holdings are on view in the galleries. You can san search the collection online here, or to obtain access to works not on view in person, you can arrange an appointment here.

Acquire a new perspective on art and your studies