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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is equipment worn to minimize exposure to workplace hazards. Examples of PPE include gloves, safety glasses, lab coats or coveralls, earplugs, hard hats, respirators, and steel-toed shoes.
  • PPE is often used to augment engineering or administrative controls or is used as a stand-alone control when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible.
  • Stanford University's PPE Program is designed to protect laboratory and general work area personnel exposed to hazardous materials or physical hazards that may be encountered in various work areas at Stanford University.
What to do? How to do it?
  1. Learn about Stanford University's PPE Program.
    Read the PPE Quick Guide.
    1. If your personnel work with hazardous materials or engage in operations that pose physical hazards, conduct a PPE assessment for your work area(s).
      Complete the appropriate PPE Assessment Tool:
      1. Train personnel on PPE requirements based on your completed PPE assessment.
        Refer to the PPE Training Guidance.
        1. Ensure provision and maintenance of required PPE for your work area.
          See where to Acquire PPE
          1. As new hazards are introduced into your work area, update your PPE assessment and provide retraining as outlined in the PPE Program.
          Update the PPE Assessment Tool above.
          1. Know what PPE is required for your work operations.
          Ask your Supervisor or PI/Lab Supervisor if any of your work operations require PPE. Attend site-specific PPE training provided by your Supervisor or PI/Lab Supervisor for your work area.
          1. Inspect, wear, clean, store, and dispose of PPE properly. Report any defects or malfunctions immediately to supervisor.
          Communicate with your Supervisor or PI/Lab Supervisor, if you have questions or problems related to PPE.

          For assistance with determining PPE needs or site-specific training, contact EH&S at (650) 723-0448.