Community Outreach

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The Department of Public Safety is a multi-service agency providing law enforcement, security, safety, crime prevention and emergency services on the Stanford University campus 24 hours a day. The Stanford Department of Public Safety has a long tradition of providing a wide variety of community services. Our goal with the Community Outreach Programs is to create a dialogue with the community, maintain open lines of communication, provide educational materials and programs, and assist residents in reducing the opportunity for crime.

  • Community Police Academy: Join us on Wednesday evenings for a ten-week course with fun hands-on activities. Topics include: laws of arrest, CSI vs. Reality, pulling over vehicles and DUI investigations and more! Good for one unit of credit - LAWGEN 209Q.

    Our next Community Police Academy will start on January 6, 2016. Please note: the application deadline is December 14, 2015. Please complete the following application if you are interested in participating Academy Application.

  • Bicycle Programs: bicycle policy, bike abatement program, and bike safety programs for student groups, work groups or elementary schools
  • SUDPS Law Enforcement Explorer Program: Law Enforcement Exploring is open to youth ages 14-20 who are interested in building strong leadership qualities, serving the community, and having fun! Contact us at for more information.
  • Security Presentations: personal security, building security, ID Theft
  • Active Threat Prevention & Response Presentation: a one and a half hour presentation to University departments and other campus community organizations covering case studies on past incidents, active shooter profiles, how to respond, and the Department of Public Safety's commitment to your protection
  • Dialogue with a Deputy: chat with a deputy in an informal setting or over a meal to learn everything you always wanted to know about police work but were afraid to ask
  • Ride-Along Program: jump into the passenger seat and patrol with a deputy
  • Group Centric: we can design a presentation to meet the needs of your individual group or department
  • Public Safety Contact: meet the officer assigned as the liaison for your on campus living group