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About Expense Requests

Expense Requests is Stanford's system for expense reports, reimbursements, advances, non-PO payments, and petty cash replenishment. Expense Requests replaced iOU for Business Affairs, Human Resources, and Athletics as of October 27, 2014 and for the rest of campus in February 2015.

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What Can I Do Within the Expense Requests System?

  • Submit Expense Reports to properly record travel and business-related expenses, and to request reimbursement for Stanford affiliates (faculty, staff, students, emeritus on payroll) – including reporting expenses purchased with a Stanford Travel Card.
  • Request Reimbursement for Stanford travel and Stanford-business expenses incurred by non-Stanford affiliates (individuals, companies, or organizations not affiliated with the University or emeritus no longer on payroll).
  • Request Advances for travel expenses (when payment by Stanford Travel Card is not an option) or to provide funds for distribution to human subjects.
  • Request Non-PO Payments to pay for certain types of expenses that do not require a formal purchase order (PO), or for which negotiation by the Procurement department adds no value.
  • Request replenishment for a Petty Cash fund.
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What Are the Benefits of Expense Requests?

Expense Requests enables:

  • Better alignment of payment methods to business needs
  • Faster payment processing
  • Greater system stability

Enhancements include:

  • Streamlined allocation of expense lines to PTAs
  • Drop-down list of appropriate Expenditure Types
  • Upload capability for backup documentation
  • Simplified Travel Card transaction processing
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How Do I Start Using the Expense Requests System?

Visit the Access section to learn about getting access to Expense Requests.


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