When Students Work @ Stanford

Many students work at Stanford while pursuing their course of study or program. If you are employed by Stanford, generally your manager or supervisor will provide information to help you get started as a new employee, including reporting your time, leave and receiving your pay.

Contact your department or visit the Financial Aid Office web site to learn more about Student Employment opportunities.

Getting Paid by Stanford University

Click the Payroll for Employees link to the right to visit the Staff Section of The Gateway to Financial Activities web site for detailed information on getting paid by Stanford.

Payroll for Employees

Payroll for EmployeesReporting your time, leave, and getting paid by Stanford University

Payroll Tax Information for Students

For student-specific information on tax issues relating to your Stanford pay, visit the Student Tax Information section by clicking the link to the right.

Tax Information

Tax InformationTax reporting, exemptions, and educational tax credits

When Your Job Involves Purchasing

Many jobs at Stanford involve purchasing materials or supplies. Should your job include these tasks, click the link to the right to visit the Staff Section of the Gateway to Financial Activities web site for overviews and detailed instructions on how purchasing works at Stanford.

Buying and Paying

Purchasing and InvoicingPurchasing goods and services, and processing invoices
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