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Academic Experience

Studying the Art and Science of Leadership

The Stanford MSx Program’s academic approach is designed to align with the overall mission of Stanford GSB — to change lives, change organizations, and change the world.

The program’s academic goal is to provide a deeper command of all disciplines required of a general manager, while also allowing Fellows to pursue one or more selected fields in depth. You’ll stretch beyond past experiences and knowledge to learn new frameworks and theories that drive sound practices and fuel innovation.

To enhance your academic studies, this year pushes you to think deeply about your own beliefs, values, and skills as a leader. Collaboration is key among students, with faculty, and with the broader university and Silicon Valley communities. You’ll build interpersonal and leadership skills as you work together in study groups, participate in executive leadership skill-building, and move through core courses as a group.

Fellows also take full advantage of interdisciplinary collaboration among Stanford’s seven schools, fueling the generation of innovative solutions to pressing business and global issues.

Small class sizes allow for both vibrant discussion and substantial interaction with faculty. A flexible teaching methodology empowers faculty to select the approach that’s right for the subject, and for the Fellows.

The Experience

The program year starts in mid-July and spans 12 months. During that time, you’ll start by taking required courses that provide foundational knowledge for elective classes that you’ll take during subsequent academic terms. In addition, you’ll take:

  • Elective classes in which Fellows are mixed with MBA students, as well as electives designed specifically for the more experienced MSx cohort.
  • The executive program in leadership development that provides unique opportunities to discover new ways to think and learn about leadership throughout the year, and to develop your personal leadership style. It includes assessments, executive modules, coaching, study trips, and active opportunities to “lead-by-doing,” including study groups, class leadership, and project teams.

Each cohort of Fellows is made up of elite and accomplished global leaders who have more experience than typical MBA students. This enhances the program’s content and activities by providing deep expertise and diverse perspectives on any aspect of business and leadership. This cohort is a central feature of the program itself, which adds to each Fellow’s learning, while providing a network that will help your development and enrich your life for decades to come.