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Art Practice+CS Joint Major

Art Practice+CS

An artist in the techie world or the techie world in the artist? The joint major program in CS+Art Practice will allow students to create and develop themselves in a spectrum and society of constant innovation and growth. The program will push students to their creative and scientific limits and beyond by fusing the digital and visual world of technology and art. The joint major will facilitate more in-depth study of the shared thinking and values of both programs, allowing students to truly excel at melding these intrinsically complementary fields. It will expand on and incorporate the use of computing concepts and practices in contemporary art, as well as related topics in engineering, social media, and emerging technologies.

Joint Major Program in Art Practice and Computer Science

The joint major program (JMP), authorized by the Academic Senate for a pilot period of six years, permits students to major in both Computer Science and one of ten Humanities majors. 

  • Students completing the JMP receive a BAS (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences).
  • Because the JMP is new and experimental, changes to procedures may occur; students are advised to check the relevant section of the bulletin periodically.
  • Further information about Joint Majors with Computer Science can be found on the Undergraduate Advising and Research JMP FAQs.

Art & Art History Degree Requirements

All courses comprising the major must be taken for a letter grade.  Students in the Art Practice and Computer Science joint major program must complete a minimum of 61 units in the Department of Art & Art History including:

  • 5 lower level art practice courses
  • 6 upper level art practice courses, including ARTSTUDI 230: Interdisciplinary Survey and ARTSTUDI 249: Senior Seminar
  • 4 art history courses, including ARTHIST 294: Writing and the Visual: Pre-Modern Perceptions of Materiality (WIM course)

Computer Sciences Requirements

Please refer to Computer Science Joint Major page in the Bulletin for details on the CS requirements. 

Senior Capstone Project

The art practice senior seminar (4 units) in conjunction with the computer science capstone course (3-5 units) will enable students to produce a creative and in-depth senior capstone project that will highlight the successful integration of the two disciplines. An advisor from each program will guide and assess the project throughout the academic year. The completed project will be included in the Senior Exhibit.