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Mar 7 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty, Staff
Alison Feder, a graduate student in Professor Dmitri Petrov's lab,  is the lead author of a new study that could lead to improved testing of new drugs.  Using two decades of HIV data, Stanford scientists found that effective treatment caused the virus to evolve differently than less effective...
Feb 22 2016 | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Dr. Marcus Feldman has received the Kimura Motoo Award for his outstanding contributions to evolutionary biology and, in particular, human evolution.  Dr. Feldman is the Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Biological Sciences, Co-Founding Director of the Center for Computational,...
Feb 4 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
What happened to the Neanderthals? Researchers led by Biology Professor Marcus Feldman have created mathematical models that demonstrate modern humans' highly developed culture might have caused their demise
Feb 4 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
In a study led by Assistant Professor Xiaoke Chen, scientists have been able to eliminate negative reactions to opiate withdrawal symptoms in mice. Their work suggests more effective treatment for drug addiction by suppressing the urges at their origin within the brain. The study was recently...
Jan 5 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
Researchers in Professor Russell Fernald's lab show how the selective expression of genes through epigenetics can regulate the social status of African cichlid fish. The work sheds light on how our genetic code might affect social relations. The study was recently published in PLoS ONE.