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Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows

Parviz Moin   (650) 723-9713

Name Research Area(s)
Javier Urzay Chemically-reacting flows (combustion and plasmas); multiphase flows; subgrid scale modeling
Mahdi Abkar Computational Fluid Dynamics, Atmospheric Turbulence, Wind Energy
Adrian Lozano Duran Numerical studies of wall-bounded turbulence and wall-models for large eddy simulation
Wouter Nico Edeling Uncertainty Quantification of turbulent flows
Lucas Esclapez Numerical study of ignition and light-around process in aeronautical gas turbines
Mahdi Esmaily-Moghadam Numerical methods and particle-laden flows
Niranjan Ghaisas Eulerian methods for large-deformation solid-fluid problems, subgrid-scale modeling, wind turbine/farm simulations
Philipp Hack Computational and theoretical studies of transitional flows, stability analysis, optimization, machine learning.
Lluis Jofre-Cruanyes Numerical methods for computational fluid dynamics and multi-phase flows
Jeonglae Kim Large eddy simulation of external aerodynamics and combustion-induced noise
Luca Magri Predictability and data assimilation of stochastic rare events in turbulent combustion via LES/DNS; Measures of complexity and chaos in fluids; Thermoacoustic/flow instability; Adjoint methods
Aashwin Ananda Mishra Statistical Modeling, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning
George Park Wall-modeled large eddy simulation of complex flows, subgrid-scale modeling in particle-laden turbulent flows
Aaron Towne Aeroacoustics, reduced-order modeling, hydrodynamic instability
Name Research Area(s)
Frank Ham High-fidelity multi-physics simulations
Javier Jiménez Turbulent boundary layers
Thierry Poinsot Turbulent combustion