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The Data Science Major!

 Mathematical and Computational Science, "MCS", has been Stanford's applied math undergraduate major since the 1970's. During that time the computer has revolutionized the practice and the importance of mathematical thinking in the world of science and commerce.

Every year our students go on to a variety of positions in industry and academia. Our curriculum covers key courses in computer science, operations research, mathematics, statistics and probability, while still leaving room for individualized programs of study.

Our program coordinator is available for questions about our major.

"... gave me the opportunity to get to know Prof. Siegmund better and ask questions that gave me a better understanding of the value and applicability of statistical [...] methods in biological and psychological sciences." A. Aw, MCS 2018
I have been able to take courses in programming, algorithms, probability, statistics, optimization, theoretical math, A.I., etc. Because of the wide range of topics that the MCS major covers, there are many different paths that you can pursue.
C. Stein MCS-BS 2013


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