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Mount Hillers, Henry Mts, UT



Welcome to David Pollard's Structural Geology website at Stanford University.

Here you will find  information about current research activities, graduate students, teaching materials for the textbook Fundamentals of Structural Geology, and draft materials for the new undergraduate textbook Structural Geology: A Quantitative Introduction.

In the Spotlight

Ship  Rock, NM

Meredith Townsend and David Pollard led a field trip to Ship Rock, NM, for students and faculty from the Navajo Dine College. This was part of the Broader Impacts component for an NSF Grant.


David Pollard retired on September 30, 2015 and now is an Emeritus Professor.  He is not accepting new graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or visiting scholars into his research program at Stanford. He has been recalled for the 2015/2016 academic year to continue research and textbook writing, and for selective teaching assignments.