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Alt Ac Speaker Series

Did you know that a faculty position is but one of many possible academic career paths you could take with your PhD?

Alt Ac Speaker Series: Non-Faculty Career Paths for PhDs at Colleges and Universities introduces doctoral students to alternative non-faculty careers in the academy (Alt Ac). Examples include advising, administration, development, and data analysis. All panelists are PhDs/ABDs who currently work at Stanford in a wide range of non-faculty roles. At each session, panelists will share their post-PhD career path and discuss their current postion. They will also offer practical tips to help doctoral students explore and prepare for a variety of rewarding career outcomes in higher education.

Follow AltAc on twitter - @stanfordaltac - for up-to-date information about panels, speakers, advice, events, and resources available on campus.

Registration Process

Not currently scheduled for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Partner Organization

BEAM, Stanford Career Education