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Recognize & Reward Employees



 Way to go! Good job, Well done, etc.

Organizations that implement an ongoing recognition program have happier and more productive employees. Plus, managers who establish a strong recognition culture have a higher level of engagement and develop more effective relationships with their staff.

According to OC Tanner, a provider of strategic employee recognition and reward solutions, 78 percent of employees are highly engaged when they experience strong recognition.

Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Read "Recognition: We All Need It," for tips on creating a culture of appreciation.

Whether you recognize ongoing contributions or "above and beyond" performance, creating a culture of appreciation starts by empowering all members of your organization to participate in the process. Employees value peer-to-peer recognition just as much as the praise they receive from the top. Below are a few best practices to consider when creating a culture of appreciation:

  • Tie recognition to your school/unit goals or team objectives
  • Make recognition easy, timely and fun
  • Get everyone on the team involved

Staff Pay Administration

Recognition of performance excellence and results with appropriately administering staff pay. Work collaboratively with your local human resources professional to review and make decisions related to base pay and any bonuses or incentives. Review the Base Pay Administration guidelines, information about pay events and the Bonus & Incentive Guidelines Matrix in the Staff Base Pay Administration section.

University-wide Recognition Programs

Each school/unit establishes its own distinct recognition programs for employees, but at the university level, there are three formal recognition programs in place:

Service Pin Program

Recognition of staff service milestones is an important value associated with working at Stanford. University Human Resources supports school and unit recognition practices by providing service pins at five-year increments from five to 50 years of service.

Celebrating Staff Careers

Gold colored circular balloons numbered 45, 40, 35 and 30 standing in a row

Stanford recognizes the long-serving careers of staff celebrating 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 year milestones during a special recognition ceremony held at the annual Multicultural Springfest.

Amy J. Blue Awards

Black and white portrait of Amy J. Blue

Stanford honors staff members who are exceptionally dedicated, supportive of colleagues and passionate about their work with the annual Amy J. Blue Awards, which were established in memory of Blue, a former associate vice president for administrative services and facilities, who passed away in May 1988.