PI Training: Stewardship and Compliance for Principal Investigators

Intended audience
PI and research team
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< 1 hour
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Pahulu, Angelika
(650) 721-1249

Course Summary DOR-0680 

The responsibilities of Principal Investigators (PIs) at Stanford include the direction of research and scholarship as well as educating and training students. These responsibilities must be carried out in compliance with University policies which reflect laws, regulations and sponsor requirements. 

Stanford requires individuals new to the position of Principal Investigator (PI) to understand the regulatory environment in which sponsored research is conducted. This course outlines the regulatory environment for sponsored research. It is comprised of two modules: 1) Research and Scholarship and 2) Financial Management.

When you have completed both modules, you will be asked to certify that you read the material. Your certification of completion will be recorded in a University database and in the SeRA system. In addition your certification of completion will be reflected on the Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF).

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