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Stanford Professor (1995-now); former U.S. Ambassador to Russia (2012-2014); former Special Assistant to the President at National Security Council (2009-2012)

Stanford, California
Joined January 2012


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    Feb 10

    We need a bipartisan, independent, 911-like commission to investigate foreign meddling in our elections.

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    Sep 10

    Here's my profile of former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael , who's become an outspoken Trump critic

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    When I worked for Obama, we were all on HIS team.

  8. 5 hours ago

    I think I saw Buzhinsky in the shot. He knows some things (but I actually didnt listen to the discussion)

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    Thanks. I consider myself a "NATIONAL security expert" not a Democratic or Republican security expert.

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    Thanks H.R. for meeting with the future H.R.'s ! We need these students to serve , etc.

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  14. We are a great country, with great people. We will get better.

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  16. Who was last American journalist to leave our country becuase she or he feared for his life? (Honest question. I dont know history)

  17. I also want to learn more about FBI investigation of Sputnik before making judgements.

  18. Sorry for tweet storm on media у вас и у нас, but one can criticize FBI investigation of Sputnik without making false equivalencies.

  19. Радио Свобода 26 июня прекращает вещание на коротких волнах

  20. That was a tough loss. Trojans looked great ! We will get better.

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