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12@12 / 12@6

Wondering what other graduate students are thinking?  Interested in discussing "big questions" with a diverse group of students?

Apply to join a 12@12 or 12@6 group!

Over lunch at 12 noon, or dinner at 6 PM, 12 students and a faculty or staff facilitator choose complex real-world questions to discuss over five meetings. This open-ended format appeals to students who enjoy tackling gnarly questions and who are open to challenges to their own worldviews. 

The program's objectives:

  • build your Stanford network
  • inform your thinking about complex issues
  • re-energize your motivation
  • expand your problem-solving skills

How does it work?

12@12 / 12@6 groups meet five times, January-May, over a light lunch or dinner. Indicate on your application which times and days of the week you think you'll be available in Winter and Spring quarters. We create heterogeneous groups with students from different departments, degrees, and years. Each group has the same facilitator for all five meetings.

We provide refreshments - you provide the topics and conversation. Each group chooses its topics at the first meeting. Just about anything is fair game: for example, past groups have discussed the influence of religion in US politics, cognition-enhancing drugs, secondary brains, and the role of higher education in society.. - anything goes!

Time Commitment: 
Learning Experience: 

Registration Process

Application deadline is January 10, 2016.

The application for 12@12 or 12@6 is closed.



Past Events in this Program

January 10, 2016 (All day)