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Centers & Research Initiatives

Stanford GSB encourages faculty research, curriculum development, and interaction among academic disciplines.

The Centers and Initiatives for Research, Curriculum & Learning Experiences (CIRCLE) provide services that are tailored and responsive to the needs of faculty members, including:

  • Facilitated connections to industry leaders
  • Research design and analysis
  • Curriculum development and revision
  • Event management for webinars, seminars, and conferences that disseminate learnings

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES)

CES is building a dynamic, informed community of entrepreneurs throughout Stanford, Silicon Valley, and beyond.  It supports faculty research and course development, produces case studies, provides hands-on learning experiences for students, and encourages connections among faculty, students, alumni, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

Through research, education, and experiential learning, CSI strengthens the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions for poverty alleviation, access to healthcare and education, sustainable development, environmental protection, human rights, and more.

Corporate Governance Research Initiative (CGRI)

CGRI focuses on research covering a broad range of issues facing corporations and boards of directors that include executive compensation, board governance, CEO succession, and proxy voting.

Digital Business: Data, Decisions & Platform Strategy Initiative

Digital Business investigates management issues related to leading data-driven organizations and governments, including the use of data and metrics to influence decision-making in all aspects of business.  It also looks at competitive strategy and entrepreneurship in digital platform markets, including auctions, online advertising, electronic payments, and media.

Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)

SEI seeks to advance the research and understanding of the business opportunities and challenges emerging from the global transition to low carbon energy systems.

Value Chain Innovation (VCI) Initiative

The VCI Initiative brings together academics from multiple disciplines and practitioners to explore the economic and social impacts of the global dynamics and digital communications that are reshaping business, industries, and ecosystems.