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Hole 1 - 521 yard par 5

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"Bobby Cruikshank, the diminutive Scotch professional, on being shown the first hole,
pronounced it the most glorious starting hole in America."
Garry Bennett, 1930.


Hole 1 Notes: 501 yards (black tee). A reachable par 5 with a dramatic, elevated tee shot and a very deep green. It's 230 yards to carry the left bunker off the tee. The right bunker is 250 yards from the tee. Keep your tee shot right as the left bunker and rough beyond leave a poor angle for the 2nd shot. Avoid the short left bunker, 60 yards from the green, at all cost. With pin to the left, don't short-side yourself as the green falls away to the right. The green at the back breaks more than it looks. A good birdie hole.