CS+Slavic Languages and Literatures

What You'll Study

The joint major program (JMP), authorized by the Academic Senate for a pilot period of six years, permits students to major in both Computer Science and Slavic Languages and Literatures or Russian Languages and Literature. Students completing the JMP receive a B.A.S. (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences). The major tracks in Russian Language and Literature and Russian Language, Culture, and History are declared on Axess and appear on the transcript but not on the diploma. 

The Russian Language and Literature field of study is designed for those students who wish to gain command of the Russian language and to study the nation's literary tradition. Emphasis is placed on the linguistic and philological study of literature, as well as the history of Russian literature and related media in the broader context of Russian culture. This major also welcomes students with an interest in Russian and Slavic linguistics.

Degrees Offered: 
Joint Major/BAS