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Stanford Resources Outside EH&S

Dean of Research - Research Policy Handbook

Department of Public Safety

Stanford Police Special Services Includes Bicycle Safety and Theft information.

Office of Risk Management - Phone: 723-4555

University Committee on Health and Safety

University Safety Partners Directory

Institutional Compliance at Stanford is the responsibility of a number of different organizations with oversight residing under the Director of Internal Audit and Institutional Compliance.

School/Department Safety Offices

School of Earth Sciences
Facilities and Safety: Felicia Morales 723-5490

School of Engineering
Environmental Health and Safety Office (link currently unavailable)

School of Humanities and Sciences
Safety: Jay Cross 723-1725
Safety: Dave Osterlund 724-0106

Safety: Todd Eberspecher 723-2505

Hopkins Marine Station Safety

Safety: Lucy Zhou 725-0882
School of Medicine Health & Safety
David Silberman 723-0110

Dean of Research
Safety: Denise Hofer 724-5398
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Safety: Larry Candido 723-7546

Ginzton Lab
Safety: Mike Schlimmer 723-0250

W.W. Hansen
Experimental Physics Laboratory(HEPL)

Safety: Dorrene Ross (650) 804-2289

SLAC Environment, Safety & Health Office
Reception: 926-4460

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL)
Safety: Ian Evans 280-2154

Facilities Operations
Safety: Marty LaPorte 725-7864

Stanford University Energy Management Group
Safety: Susan Vargas 723-4570

Stanford University - Utilities Division Water Resources & Environmental Quality
Safety: Marty LaPorte 725-7864
Residential & Dining Enterprises
Health and Safety: Susie Claxton 723-7187