Resources: Travel Payment Methods

Travelers may use one or any combination of the following payment methods when incurring travel expenses:

  1. Traveler charges all or some portion of travel costs to a Stanford Travel Card (Stanford's preferred payment method; see Overview: Stanford's Travel Card Program).
  2. Traveler personally pays for expenses, then requests reimbursement from Stanford using the Expense Requests system after travel.
  3. Traveler requests travel expense advance in the Expense Requests system. See Administrative Guide Policy 5.4.1 Expense Advances, and Guidelines for Use of Advance Categories.

Regardless of how traveler pays for his/her travel expenses, an expense report must be initiated in order to:

  • Properly account for travel expenses
  • Be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenditures
  • Clear an advance

The expense report is initiated in the Expense Requests system once travel is complete. See Expense Report section of the How To page in the Expense Requests web site for instructions.

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