Overview: Stanford's Travel Card Program

Procurement offers University issued and paid MasterCards called Stanford Travel Cards that can be used for buying travel and travel-related services required for the conduct of University business. Travel expenses charged to the Stanford Travel MasterCard will be paid directly by the University to JPMorgan.

Important Note:  All expenses charged to travel cards must still be reported in Expense Requests. See About Expense Requests for more information.

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Travel Card Types

There are two types of Stanford Travel Cards:

  • Department Travel Cards issued to department administrators as a means to pay for travel-related purchases for occasional travelers, students, or non-employees.
  • Individual Travel Cards issued to individuals (faculty, staff, and post-doctoral fellows) who travel frequently on Stanford business.
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Eligibility and Online Application Form

Eligibility is based on a departmentally-determined business need, and is contingent upon:

  • Completed online application, specifying a guarantee account number (PTA),
  • Approvals from both the prospective cardholder's manager or department chair / dean and appropriate financial approver,
  • Execution of online cardholder agreement,
  • Assignment of person responsible for validating transactions and originating expense reports, and
  • Completion of required online training

>> To apply for a Travel Card, complete and submit the Stanford Travel Card (MasterCard) Online Application Form

>> To make changes to an existing Travel Card account, follow How To: Request Changes to Stanford Travel Card (TCard) Account instructions.

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Proper Travel Card Use

Cardholders may only use the Travel Card for University travel-related business transactions. Cardholders (travelers and administrators) are responsible for ensuring that all charges comply with policy and are properly itemized, supported by a business purpose, approved, and submitted via the Expense Requests expense reporting process.

Processing in a timely manner is important to ensure expenditures are correctly reported. Expense reports should be completed and submitted immediately upon completion of travel. If transactions are not expensed within 60 days of completion of travel, they may be tax reportable to the traveler.

The Travel Card may not be used for personal expenses (except for incidental expenses that cannot be easily separated from a business charge). The cardholder is personally responsible for repaying Stanford University for any non-reimbursable Travel Card charges.

Cardholders who do not comply with University policies and procedures may have their Stanford University cardholder privileges revoked. Misuse of the Travel Card may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

For details on Travel Card Policy, see Policy Notes: Stanford Travel Card Policy.

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For additional help, contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772).

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