When Students Travel for Stanford

During your course of study or research as a Stanford student or post doctorate, you may have occasion to travel in support of your program. Usually an administrator in your school or department is available to assist you with travel arrangements and the travel expense reimbursement process.

Stanford Travel is the preferred travel management service for Stanford's travelers and arrangers.

For detailed information and resources for arranging travel and getting reimbursed, click on the Travel and Expense Reporting / Reimbursement links below to go to the Staff Section of the Gateway to Financial Activities web site.


Travel Travel resources, procedures, and policies

Expense Reporting / Reimbursement

Reimbursement Getting reimbursed for business and travel expenses

Important Reimbursement Instructions Specific to Student and Post Doc Travel

Reimbursement payments to students and Post Doctorates who attend, speak or present at a conference or meeting, or visit a field site or off-campus laboratory, will be tax-reportable UNLESS one of the following two documents are included with your reimbursement request:

  1. A signed statement from a faculty member certifying that the travel/activity either:
    1. directly supports a faculty project, research or scholarship program,
    2. is to officially represent Stanford University,
    3. is an integral part of the student's degree work or is directly related to the student's employment at the University,

    4. ~ OR ~
    5. is official University business.

    See Certification for Student Travel Form.

  2. A photocopy of the conference program indicating traveler is a speaker or presenter

See also the Policy Notes: Required Documentation for Travel Expense Reimbursement page in the Staff section (Primary Policy Source: Administrative Guide Policy 5.4.2 Section 11).

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