[ Vol. 28 No. 2 ]
A Merging of Minds – and Molecules

Two scientists meeting on a bus leads to discovery in the lab and, ultimately, the development of a breakthrough cancer drug.

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Summer Update
Summer Update
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Stories of sperm and survival help Hopi Hoekstra capture her students’ interest.

Greg Hannon builds furniture, does pottery, and added a room to his house. He also pioneered the study of RNA interference.

PULSE, a national network of science education leaders, is helping transform college-level science teaching and student learning.

DNA barcodes and a half-century-old equation help scientists track infection in the gut.
A tactile virtual reality system helps scientists get a feel for a mouse’s view of the world.


Scientists have pinpointed the neurons in the brain that control thirst.

Some immune cells function better after taking a break.

Scientists catch a protein-recycling machine in the act.

A new technique helps scientists understand cells on a whole new scale.

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