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6.5.1 Chat Rooms and Other Forums Using Stanford Domains or Computer Services

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Establishes policy for use of electronic communication forums at Stanford.


Approved by the President.

1. Definition

From time to time, University departments, faculty, students and others may host electronic communication forums, such as chat rooms, news groups, bulletin boards or websites, whereby various parties may contribute their thoughts on various subjects and where such communication is made available for others to read and comment upon. For purposes of this policy, these sites are collectively referred to as "forums."

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2. Establishment of Forums

a. Connection With University Activities
Forums that either use the, or other Stanford domains or use University computing facilities should be established only in connection with legitimate activities of the University.

b. University Role
Unless specifically sponsored by an academic or administrative unit of the University, the University's role in connection with these forums will be solely as a passive Internet service provider.

c. Terms of Use
In all cases, as a condition to establishing a forum, forum homepages (where they exist) and each individual forum page should contain a header that states: "Subject to Terms of Use" and all pages should include a link to the page maintained by the University entitled Terms of Use.

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3. Operation of Forums

All forums shall be operated in compliance with the Terms of Use, as modified from time to time, and the University's various policies regarding computer facilities and services.

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