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Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP)

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) is a nationally renowned 12-month full time program preparing future teacher leaders at the elementary and secondary levels. STEP integrates a world-class academic program with a well-supported, yearlong classroom placement.

What makes a STEP student?
Strong Academic Preparation

The design of the program makes for an academically rigorous year. A record of academic success gives applicants the opportunity to succeed at the Master's level. Applicants to STEP Secondary should demonstrate a strong knowledge of and commitment to the subject matter of their teaching specialization (i.e., Math, Science, English, History/Social Science, or World Languages).

Experience with Youth

The desire to work compassionately and constructively with youth is essential for finding fulfillment and success as a teacher. We seek applicants with a range of meaningful prior experience with youth (e.g., experience as a camp counselor, athletic coach, special needs classroom assistant, church youth group leader, etc.).

Commitment to Teaching as a Profession

Our Teacher Candidates share a set of core values, including a commitment to social justice, a recognition of the virtues and values of a diverse student population, and a dedication to equity and excellence for all students.

Collegiality, Professionalism, and Leadership

At its best, teaching is a collaborative, professional endeavor. Our Teacher Candidates work together to support shared goals and enhance the teaching profession.

At STEP, we strive to cultivate teacher leaders within and beyond the classroom. We foster these qualities by offering Candidates the tools to become advocates for their students, agents of school change, and well-regarded and valued members of their communities.