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About Us

The Program in Human Biology is an interschool, interdepartmental, undergraduate major. The program's mission is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the human being from biological, behavioral, social, and cultural perspectives. The curriculum provides a broad and rigorous introduction to the biological and behavioral sciences and their interrelationships, and explores how this knowledge, in conjunction with studies in other fields, can be applied to formulate and evaluate health, environmental, and other public policies that influence human welfare. Majors later pursue advanced training in professional or graduate programs, or work in diverse sectors.

To achieve these goals, all students complete a 30-unit core sequence, normally in the sophomore year, that provides the foundation for the major. Also during the sophomore year, students consult with student advisers to choose a faculty adviser and complete the declaration process. Together they plan a road map of course work designed to help each student focus on an area of interest within Human Biology. Early planning and subsequent refining of an individualized course of study, in consultation with student and faculty advisers, is a strength and requirement of the program. The curriculum draws on faculty from across the University. To complete a B.A. in Human Biology, students must take courses from within the program and from other University departments.

Undergraduate Programs in Human Biology

The program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology, as well as a minor and an honors program.