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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your methods of payments for parking?
Can I validate my parking visit?
If my family member visits, do they have to pay?
Is there a waiting area if I'm picking someone up from the hospital or do I need to pay for parking?
I am a long-term visitor; is there an option to purchase a long-term pass?
How long can I park my car in self-parking garage?
Can I park my RV at the hospital?
Do you offer in and out privileges?
Is ADA parking free or at a discounted rate?
Where is ADA parking available?
Can I retrieve my valeted vehicle 24/7?

Yes, vehicles may be retrieved after-hours by contacting the Security Department at: 650-723-7222 or via the intercom located just outside the entrance of Main Hospital and Blake Wilbur / Cancer Center valet kiosk.

How long can I leave my car in valet?

Vehicles should not stay parked longer than three days in valet. Vehicles are encouraged to park in Pasteur Visitor Garage (Parking Structure 4) if they need to remain on site for longer than three days. If you need assistance relocating your vehicle from valet to self-parking garage, please contact us at parking@stanfordmed.org or 650-736-8000.

Can I leave my pet in my car if I use valet parking?
How do I get to Stanford by train, bus, bike, or other alternate forms?

Guest Services is happy to discuss your transportation needs at 650-728-3333. Alternate transportation options are also posted on the internet at: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/visitorinfo/plan/public_transit.html.

Where can I store my bicycle?
What if I have appointments in multiple locations?
If I am parked at Blake Wilbur and I complete my visit at the Main Hospital, can I pick up my car from that location?

The free tram service is available to take you from one location to another. If you need special accommodations, please speak with the valet supervisor on duty or contact us at: 650-736-8000.

How may I file a vehicle damage claim?

Please bring any vehicle claims to the attention of the parking attendant as soon as possible.  If no parking attendant is available, please contact security at 650-723-7222.

How do I dismiss a City of Palo Alto parking citation?